Photos from the Lone Star Tea Party

This year’s April 15th tea party in Grand Prairie, TX was very well attended. I’m terrible at guessing crowd sizes so I won’t even try, but I took pictures of every clever sign I saw and ended up with over a hundred photos — and the only reason I didn’t take at least twenty more is because my camera battery ran out.

The award for “best sign of the day” has to go to this one:

Sign: Air this MSNBC, I dare you

I’ll have more photos up later once I’ve finished sorting through them all to pick out the best ones.

UPDATE: A few minutes later, as I was discussing this sign with a member of the press, a woman behind me said in a tone of sarcastic surprise, “You mean there are black people at a Tea Party?” I turned around to see who had spoken, and saw this woman:

Black people at a Tea Party? Surely not!

These weren’t the only black people I saw there, but I didn’t take a picture of most of them because really, when you think about it, it shouldn’t matter what skin color someone has — it’s the content of their ideas that matters. (Dr. King would have been thrilled with the attitudes of the Tea Party attendees that I met yesterday). But since these two women had both made a point of their skin color, I snapped their photo.

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  • LeOnna says:

    My daughter and I saw the top couple, and we agree! The 2 were grinning ear to ear! Do you have a place were we could see more of the pictures? In my excitement to get there, I ran off without my camera. (My daughter’s sign said “Mr Obama, my I have my future back” and mine said “Congress, this is your landlord speaking!”)
    Thx & God bless you!