If the ball hits the turtle, it’s still in play.

Life in Africa can be quite interesting sometimes.

Just down the street from where I work, there’s an American Recreation Center that, among other things, has a softball field, and hosts a weekly game of softball on Saturday afternoons. So on my first weekend here, I went down to the “Rec” to join in the game. Midway through the game, a large turtle stumped onto the field, heading for the grassy infield. When I called attention to it, someone said, “Oh, that’s just George. He shows up often enough that he’s been written into the field rules — if the ball hits the turtle, it’s still considered in play.”

Where else would you find a baseball field with a turtle (actually it’s a tortoise, but everyone here seems to call it a turtle) that pays a visit regularly enough to have a local rule devoted to him?

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