PCI ID viewer for Windows

I often end up working on Windows machines that don’t have the right drivers installed for this or that piece of hardware. And since Windows makes it difficult to get at the actual PCI ID’s for its devices, all you have to go on is the “Unknown Device” entry in the Device Manager control panel. Thanks, Microsoft, that’s real helpful.

What I need is a tool to list the PCI ID’s for all devices, and one (preferably) that’s free. I found such a tool at http://members.datafast.net.au/dft0802/. Craig Hart has written a program called PCI32 (for Win2000, NT, XP, etc) and PCI (for Win 9x/ME) that can list the PCI ID’s of all your devices, along with the manufacturer name and model name. Very useful for grabbing exactly the right driver.

Some useful programming links

A few useful programming links gleaned from various sources: