Comment policy

I just deleted my first blogspam comment, so I think it’s time to write up a comment policy, before I actually start needing it. So, without further ado, here are The Rules:

1. This is my blog. Nothing obliges me to let you comment here. I do so because I’m interested in discussion, but commenting is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse that privilege, I may take it away, either with or without warning.

2. Civilized behavior only. That means no ad hominem attacks, no insults, no name-calling, no profanity, etc.

3. Any comments that break rule #2 will be removed and replaced with the text “This comment has been removed by the site administrator for (insert reason here).” I may, at my option, place such comments under this post instead of deleting them entirely, so that anyone can see why the post was removed. If I do so, I may also censor the post involved by editing out profanity or any other offensive content, replacing it with a marker such as ““.

4. I will summarily delete, without notice, any comment that is nothing but blogspam (e.g., lots of links to unrelated sites like online casinos and the like).

5. Having said all that, if you can keep your comments civil and your tone polite, I welcome disagreement with my ideas, or with other commenters’ ideas. I’m not interested in this blog becoming nothing but an “echo chamber” — go ahead and disagree with me. All I ask is that you behave like a reasonable adult.

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