Being poor sucks.

The difference between living frugally and being poor is that when you live frugally, you’re choosing to spend little money. When you’re poor, you have no choice.

I suspect that John Scalzi and I differ widely in our political opinions on certain subjects. But I believe we agree on the goals, we just disagree on the best means to get there.

On that subject, I’m rapidly getting sick and tired of people accusing their political opponents of being evil. Both Democrats and Republicans tend to do it, although it seems to be more highly concentrated in whatever party is currently out of power. I just wish people would wake up and realize that those on the “other side” are also people of good will. More on that in another post.


  • Moses says:

    Yes i agree… being poor sucks. and I can’t stand the fact that people like Bill Gates ( who could give every American 10,000 dollars) and not even make a dent in his wallet.. and they don’t do it. If I was that stinking rich I WOULD. but then again he was probably NEVER POOR.

  • Robin Munn says:

    You want to be careful with that… envy is a really ugly emotion.

    I don’t much like Bill Gates’ business practices, which slip into anti-competitive, “crush the competition by whatever means we can” territory sometimes. But I can’t deny that he’s one of the biggest philanthropists (at least in dollar amounts) around. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives lots of money to education and health initiatives, following the principle of teaching people to fish instead of just giving them a fish once. Give every American $10,000, and some of them will know how to use it to pull themselves out of poverty. But others would just spend it too fast and be back where they started, no better off in the long run. (It happened with Katrina victims — some of them wasted their recovery money on frivolities like bigscreen TV’s). Investing in education is a better approach, because the better educated you are, the more job prospects open up to you.

  • John says:

    Being poor does suck. Trust me, I know but…Bill gates is rich because he worked hard to be that way. If either one of us had the business skills, mindset and education that Bill has we would be better off too. Money comes from money, it takes money to make money…and ole’ Bill has, most likely, never been without it.