Lawyer “war stories” – very well-told

What’s one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of lawyers? A sense of humor? Probably not. But all that means is that you don’t know too many good lawyers. The really good ones are folks like Bill Dyer and his friend Walter Workman. Bill Dyer has a collection of stories that happened either to him or to Mr. Workman, and they’re really incredibly funny. I especially enjoyed the second story, about what Workman allegedly said after badly losing a case. I won’t repeat it here to avoid spoiling the punchline — just go read it. (Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt).

One Comment

  • Having worked with lawyers for some time now, I’ve found that if they don’t have a sense of humor it at least helps if you do for if you don’t laugh while working with attorneys, you’ll surely cry and no one wants that :) Thanks for the rec — those are some great stories.