SQLite embedded in Tiger

In the middle of Apple’s Web site, in a discussion of their new Core Data framework, comes the following quote:

SQLite is an open source embedded database that is included in Tiger [...]

This makes me happy. SQLite is one of the most useful embedded-database solutions I’ve come across. It’s open-source, has Python bindings, and works with the very cool SQLObject module.

Vim Outliner

I’ve just discovered a very useful outliner for Vim. I’d never really been happy with the todo list management programs I’d tried before — well, now I can use my favorite text editor to track to-do lists and other miscellaneous items for Getting Things Done. I may have to write a longer post about it once I’ve used it for a little while.

Pardon my dust…

My new blog is up, and will be getting some content soon. I’m still getting the look worked out, so you might see some changes as I re-arrange categories, tweak the look of the title, etc. No worries!